The data in this table stems from our querying We update it every hour. See below for a description of each folder meaning.


CRAN review workflow

Your package will be stored in a different folder depending on its current state in the review process. The exact meaning of each folder is detailed in one article from the R Journal:

  • inspect: this is your first submission or the automated tests found an error that requires human review.
  • pending: the CRAN maintainers are waiting for an action on your side. You should check your emails!
  • pretest: the CRAN maintainers restarted automated tests on your package to see whether an issue has been fixed by your action or is still here.
  • recheck: your package seems ready for publication. This step checks whether reverse dependencies will still work after the update.
  • publish: you’re all set! Your package has passed the review process and will soon be available on CRAN.

This information is summarised in the following diagram by Hadley Wickham, available in the cran-stages Github repository:

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